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Advantages of aluminium bridges and towers

  1. The system design
    of our bridges, towers and stairs is based on a simply genius principle: Basic units of identical construction that can individually be combined and highly flexibly be used - Build smartly and in a flash! Light transport and easy assembly on site are other characteristics that result from the well thought-out pml light construction method. Bridges without pillars: can be realised up to a length of 80 m.
  2. The long life
    is due to the use of high-strength extruded profiles of the corrosion-resistant alloys AlMgSi (EN-AW 6082). The structural designs are wear-free.
  3. Freedom of maintenance
    guarantees unlimited use. Thanks to the non-corrosion material composition, no securing or value-maintaining measures are necessary.
  4. Costs
    remain transparent, calculable. As no maintenance is required, a reliable cost analysis over the entire useful life is possible. Traditional bridge building materials incur regular maintenance costs.
  5. The design
    fulfils high aesthetic and architectural demands. The transparency of the bearing structure allows for the harmonic integration of a large variety of landscape pictures. Versatile design possibilities are conceivable: The guardrail panel can be designed functionally and optically, e.g. using plexi or safety glass, or by colour anodising or powder coating of the bearing structure.
  6. The assembly
    is possible at the factory or on site - depending on the requirements. The low weight keeps the expenditure for the foundation at a minimum. Besides, it is possible to pre-manufacture entire bridges away from the site of installation. Extended traffic road closures during building works can thus be avoided.
  7. The special material
    stands out by the high material value - without causing any waste disposal problems. The building material convinces by unchanging quality and is 100% recyclable. In a resale, it is possible to achieve more than a third of the current new price of aluminium or respectively 20% of the bridge price. When disposing of the material, you will be paid approx. 1.70 Euro per kg.
  8. The ecological building material
    - one third of the worldwide demand for aluminium is currently obtained from recycling. Tendency upward. The energy requirement during the manufacture of new products from recycled material is only 5% of the original manufacture energy. Aluminium does not produce any environmental burdens due to problematic wood and anti-corrosion paints.
  9. The compliance with national and international standards
    is guaranteed based on verifiable statistical calculations. We comply with standards, such as
    DIN-FB 101:2003
    DIN 1072
    AS/NZS 5100:2004
    EuroCode 9
    DIN 4113
    AS/NZS 1664:1997
    DIN V 4113-3, Klasse C
    DiBt Z-30.7-52.
  10. The temporary bridge
    is an option that can easily be implemented thanks to the modular design. Characteristics of the pml bridges include no wear, low weight, easy assembly and adaptability.
  11. Skid protection and walking comfort
    can additionally be increased by a polyurethane floor covering with surface sanding.
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