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General terms of delivery and services - Bridges

1. Warranty

The warranty period for a pml lightweight aluminium bridge is 2 years (in accordance with VOB / B, 13 VOB ~ [German contractual procedures for construction services]). An extension of the warranty period to 4 years, or a contractual conclusion in accordance with the BGB [German Civil Code] (warranty period: 5 years) is possible against payment of a surcharge before the contract is concluded).

2. Subsequent requests for changes

If, following the award of a contract, the customer makes additional requests or requests changes regarding the equipment or construction of the offered project, then these must initially be examined for their feasibility. After they have been assessed a cost estimate will be made of the additional work required and subsequently an associated follow-up order placed by the Customer.
Only then shall the subsequent request or the change be deemed as confirmed and taken into consideration in the project. It is possible that the originally planned completion date can no longer be observed through these changes. Any penalties which may have been agreed shall cease to apply.

3. Handover documents

After its completion the bridge will be formally accepted at the handover event. The acceptance protocol, signed by both parties, the static calculations, and the execution plan documents relating to the documentation shall be handed over to the customer on this occasion. A bridge book (according to DIN 1076) can be prepared and also delivered by pml Peter Maier Leichtbau GmbH against payment of an extra charge.

4. Assumption of costs in the event of follow-up work, changes (design, material, wage costs, travelling expenses, transport costs, incidental costs, rent, etc.)

If, after completion and handover of the pml construction design, the customer request additional follow-up work / changes which were not part of the original order then these will only be carried out if all associated costs (travel to location, accommodation and meals) are refunded by the Client.

5. Inspection, maintenance and use

Compared with bridges constructed from other materials (timber, steel, concrete) a pml lightweight aluminium bridge is very maintenance-friendly. However, the following basic measures will contribute to preserving the good condition of the structure over the long term and are therefore recommended:
Regular cleaning of the surface of the bridge (sweeping). Cleaning the surfaces of the railings from dust and deposits In case of contamination through graffiti etc. the affected parts are best cleaned using ACETONE / lime cleaner.

The following maintenance work is to be carried out:
- Replacement of the sliding bearing: depending on wear and tear (approximately every 20 years)
- Renewal of the running tread coating: depending on wear and tear (approximately every 15-20 years)

Apart from this no other maintenance work is required during the service lift of the bridge!

6. Modifications to pml lightweight aluminium bridges

Modifications to the load-bearing parts of the bridge may only be carried out by pml Peter Maier Leichtbau GmbH.

Struts and load-bearing members may not subsequently be drilled through or have their load-bearing strength weakened through other measures. Attaching fittings made from or for foreign materials may only be carried out after coordination with pml Peter Maier Leichtbau GmbH. Corresponding constructive solutions can be developed jointly with our company.
Tests of the bridge to check its load-bearing capacity, the max. loading etc. are only permitted where pml Peter Maier Leichtbau GmbH has been informed in time and only after approval and under the supervision of pml Peter Maier Leichtbau GmbH. Should said tests result in costs for additional travel to location, accommodation and meals then the party which arranges for the test etc. must bear these costs.

7. Scope of delivery, service specifications

The scope of delivery of a pml lightweight aluminium bridge comprises the planning (blueprint, execution and detailed plans), the static calculations which are required to be presented to the responsible building supervision authorities, the bridge itself, the qualified assembly by pml employees either on-site or in the SINGEN plant and the final assembly of the bridge locally at the construction site.
The foundations must be provided by the customer according to the stipulations of pml.
The planning documents and calculations required for this are included in the scope of delivery for the bridge.

8. Interfaces to other works

Planning documents or information concerning necessary interfaces to other works (foundations, building connections, etc. which are either to be created by or existing at the customer) are to be presented to pml - Peter Maier Leichtbau GmbH in advance for examination. Only planning documents which have been prepared or approved by pml - Peter Maier Leichtbau GmbH may be used.

9. Terms of payment

If not otherwise agreed the terms of payment according to the pml offer shall apply.

10. Place of assembly

The place of assembly must be suitable for assembling the bridge (firm subsoil, no power lines, trees or other impeding objects in the swing area of the crane, the site must be traversable by forklift trucks).
It must be accessible at-grade with an assembly vehicle (lorry, transporter) and must not have a too steep slope. The required size of the area can be derived from the footprint of the bridge.
With the L system the area given by footprint + 2m (for the width) and 15 m (for the length) is sufficient.
With the B system the area given by footprint + 10m (for the width) and 20 m (for the length) is sufficient.
The place of assembly must be within reach by crane of the planned final site of the bridge. Additional costs can be expected if these conditions are not observed. These must be borne by the customer.
Our offers state the total weight of the bridge. As a precautionary measure we would like to point out that where crane capacity is provided, the customer is responsible for ensuring that a crane of suitable dimensions is provided.

11. Schedule of the project

After receipt of the order the customer shall receive a written confirmation describing the scope of the order and the name and contact information of the pml project manager who will be responsible for his bridge.
The customer will be informed of the subsequent progress of the project (start of production in the SINGEN plant, start of assembly on-site, completion date) in good time by the pml project manager. A preliminary meeting on the construction site or the bridge site will be announced by the pml project manager in good time and carried out jointly with the customer.
Depending on the size or conditions of the construction site the bridge will be prefabricated either directly on the construction site or in the pml plant in SINGEN and then installed on the foundations prepared by the customer.
The work required on site will be kept to a minimum in order to keep disruption to other site activities and to other traffic as low as possible.
The assembly times for an L System are on average 1-3 days, the period of use of a crane to swing the bridge into position on its foundations is from around 30 minutes to 1 hour.

pml GmbH, 01.01.2008

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