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This technology is the basis for the ideal platform for the cargo

pml has contributed to the development of a special welding process for extruded aluminium profiles. The process makes use of two 5.0 kW CO2 lasers - a technology that is very economical and cost-efficient.

The material used for all systems is a high-strength aluminium alloy, which corresponds to the strength values of steel S 235 JR.

Extruded aluminium profiles are the basic elements of our truck tail-lifts

Functional profiles are produced by "direct extrusion moulding". The profiles are initially designed according to the defined requirement. In this process, the extrusion bolt - an aluminium block - is upset in the so-called cavity, assuming the diameter of the cavity bore. Extrusion bolts that must be heated to a temperature of 480 degrees are the source material for manufacturing extrusion moulded products. At a pressure of up to 4000 tons, the bolts are pressed through a die plate, which gives the aluminium the desired cross section. After this, the approx. 50 metres long, still warm and mouldable profiles are stretched, sawed to size and - if necessary - adjusted. They achieve the required strength through further thermal treatment in special furnaces.

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